Water hydrates the skin better than anything else, but the problem is it evaporates quickly. By applying the moisturizer to wet skin, you lock-in the water, giving your skin more time to absorb it, instead of the water disappearing into the atmosphere.

It is also recommended to moisturize at night, especially after taking a bath. This is not a law though, as some skin types do not necessarily need it. For people with dry skin, it is important to moisturize at night.

Apply Cosmetics in the Right Order

When using a combination of serums, makeups, and moisturizers, proper layering is essential. By using cosmetics in the right order, there’s a high chance that you’ll get the best out of each one.

A general tip is, to begin with lightly textured products, then work your way up to the heavy ones. Serums should be applied first before using moisturizers. If you use oils and creams, the oil should go next.

But when applying sunscreen, it has to come last. Its job is to protect your skin from the sun, not from other skincare products.

It is important to note that layering only works if the products complement each other. If anything, you use prevents your moisturizer from working, you might need to replace it or stop using it, for the benefit of your skin.

Cover Every Inch of Your Body

One of the most obvious ways of maximizing the benefits from moisturizers is the one so many of us get wrong. It only makes sense that we should moisturize our whole body, but we’re often in a hurry to get dressed in the morning, that we overlook some parts. As we continue this way, it becomes a habit, so that even when we have the time, we still don’t get it right.

One of the most neglected parts of the body is the neck. While we protect our faces with anti-aging creams, we forget that the neck also shows signs of aging and should be as well taken care of properly.

Other areas we neglect are in-between our fingers and toes, behind our ears and our joints. It is important we hydrate every inch of our skin, even if it is only in the evenings.

Stick With What Works

The final tip to get maximum benefits from your moisturizer is to find one that works and stick with it. We often find the need to want to try new things, based on adverts, reviews or what others recommend.

But if you have a moisturizer that makes your skin glow like a firefly, you probably should not try and change your product because it cannot get any better than that.

There is also the temptation to change our moisturizers as seasons change, but this should only be done if it becomes ineffective. If you need more hydration, adding serums and oils could be a better option than trying a new moisturizer just for the sake of the season.

Our skin deserves the same attention we pay to other parts of the body. By learning to maximize the rejuvenating and hydrating benefits of your moisturizer now, you will save yourself a lot of disappointment and stress going forward. But don’t just take my word for it, give it a go.

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