Sure, they might cost you a pretty penny, but you could also decide to use a homemade recipe. If you have to pay a little extra to get a quality product, it will be worth it in the end.

Purchase water-based facial gels, sunscreens, makeup and any other cosmetic you’ll leave on your skin for longer than an hour. Some of these products will be labelled ‘noncomedogenic’, which means they are formulated to prevent pore blockage.

You can find water-based skincare products for almost anything, including acne medications. Water based products feel lighter on the skin and the gel can also cool your skin, which is quite the relief from irritating acne.

If your dermatologist recommends a cream based topical acne treatment, you may want to see if it makes a difference before requesting a water based option.

Wash your Linens

For those of us with oily skin, we have to be a bit more compulsive when it comes to hygiene than those with normal and dry skin. Because of the generous oil secretions, our bed sheets, pillow cases and towels suffer a constant dosage of our oil secretions.

If you have acne and oily skin, it means the bacteria in the pores gets passed on to your sheets and towels, even when they don’t look dirty. So even after we have cleaned our skin, it can pick up the bacteria deposits on our towel and sheets, thus giving the illusion that our treatments are not working.

To prevent this, we need to change our sheets and towels more often than others.

The same goes for vests, bras or tops we wear often without washing. If you have acne on your chest or arms, you would need to change these too, so the vicious cycle does not persist.

Chew Wisely

Last but not least is our guilty pleasures. It is impossible to treat acne and oily skin without dealing with foods that cause it. It might be hard to say no to the nuts and fatty foods we love, but some sacrifices have to be made.

All you need really, is a bit of creativity with your meals. There are literally dozens of ways to have chicken without it being fried for example. Even if you have to fry some foods, choose the right oil for your skin.

Also, many people don’t know that excess sugar consumption can cause acne, due to an increase in the body’s insulin production. Eat more fruits, vegetables and fish.

To reduce inflammation, increase your intake of Omega 3s and drink your recommended amount of water. By replacing fizzy drinks with water, you are hydrating the skin and balancing your sugar levels.

Don’t Forget to Smile

There are many causes for acne besides oily skin. One of them is stress. By reducing stress and managing our hormones, we become less prone to acne. Exercise is a good way to clear pores and lower stress.

It is important to follow these tips on a daily basis and not to give up hope when they don’t seem to be working.

These skin care tips for acne and oily skin will get you the smooth skin you desire, and remember to keep up the good work even after your skin looks flawless.

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